2023 Board Members

  • Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Chair of AMRA Board
  • Legal entity of AMRA
  • Representative: Jwusheng Hu (胡竹生), Senior Vice President
  • ASUSTek Computer Inc.
  • Normal member
  • Representative: Chihwa Ho (何其驊), OMAP BU
  • AUO Corporation
  • Normal member
  • Representative: Castaly Wang (王煜煒), RD Senior Manager
  • CASTEC International Corp.
  • Normal member
  • Representative: William Lin (林洋鑫), Director
  • Coretronic Intelligent Logistics Corp.
  • VIP member
  • Representative: Andy Hsin (忻維忠), General manager
  • DEKRA iST Reliability Services Inc.
  • VIP member
  • Representative: Anton Hsu (許文其), Deputy General Manager
  • Delta Electronics, Inc.
  • Normal member
  • Representative: Alex Lin (林鴻輝), Delta research center Manager
  • eYs3D Microelectronics, Co.
  • Normal member
  • Representative: James Wang (王鏡戎), Chief Strategy & Sales Officer
  • Wistron Corporation
  • Normal member
  • Representative: Justin Tuen (段龍輝), Certification Dept. Director
Note: Intel held a seat on the Board until June 2023. Starting in July 2023, Intel became an observer and released the seat.

2022 Board Members (March 2022 ~ February 2023)

AUO Corporation
CASTEC International Corp.
Coretronic Intelligent Logistics Solutions
Delta Electronics, Inc.
eYs3D Microelectronics, Co.
Flytech Technology Co. Ltd.
Industrial Technology Research Institute [Chair]
Pepperl+Fuchs Taiwan Ltd.
Wistron Corporation