Mobile Robots –
Safety Requirements, Verification and

  • Status: Published (Acquire the published standard)
  • Language: English (en)
    • Edition: 1
    • Publication date: 2022-07-22
    • Number of pages : 43
  • Language: 中文 (zh-TW)
    • Source: AMRA-220:2022(en)
    • Publication date: 2023-06-22
    • Number of pages : 43

Safety is always the top priority for the manufacturers of mobile robots. The AMRA-220 Standard provides fundamental guidelines for manufacturers to comply with, as well as advanced protective measures to consider. It identifies significant hazards and risk assessment associated. It lays out general safety requirements and protective measures for different types of hazards.This standard also touches on the aspects of requirements for safety-related parts, information for use, and verification and validation.

The AMRA-220 standard is drafted by the experts in working group #2 (WG2), reviewed by the technical committee (TC) and approved by the board. The contributing members, listed alphabetically below, have graciously devoted great endeavors to this standard.

This technical standard specifies safety requirements and guidelines for the inherent safety design, protective measures and information for use of mobile robots with wheels and their charging stations. The significant hazards associated with the use of these mobile robots in indoor industrial and/or service environments are described. This technical standard provides requirements to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with these hazards to an acceptable level.

Note 1: AMRA-220 deals with the risk or damage to people, property and domestic animals.
Note 2: AMRA-220 does not apply to mobile robots for outdoor applications, although the
safety principles in AMRA-220 can also be considered for outdoor mobile robots.