Mobile Robots –
Common Communication Protocols

This standard defined the communication message structure in an AMR system. In this edition of the standard, the communication between a mobile robot and a management system is defined at the presentation network layer. The content covered the communication related to common movement, mission, status report, elevator, and auto door commands. The purpose of this standard was to foster a thriving AMR industry ecosystem where various mobile robots, systems, and devices can be integrated together with ease.
This standard was developed by the experts in AMRA working group #3 (WG3) based on consensus. The final standard was reviewed by the technical committee (TC) and approved by the board. The participants in the following list, sorted alphabetically, have made valuable contributions to this standard.

With comments about editorial issues from members after publication, ED2 of this standard was updated by the secretariat (SEC) and approved by the board.

The communication protocol standard includes the definition of message transactions among the following devices in a mobile robot system.

  • The communication between mobile robots and an MR management system 

This standard describes the network communication message structure in Layer 6 Presentation Layer.